Tribute to El Toro

Top 10 Tricks done at El Toro through 2019

This is a picture of the famous skate spot, El Toro High school in Lakesfield, California being torn down.

There is no spot more legendary than El Toro is Lake Forest, California. For those of you who aren’t aware of its current situation, the spot is currently under renovation as of yesterday. The exact specifications are unknown but the word is that they will be remodeling it into a double set. This could bring out an even gnarlier generation of tricks in the years to come. With that said we have taken the time to go back into history to reminisce on all of the gnarly tricks thrown down at the famous high school grounds and ranked our top 10.

A skateboarder in Long island called up the school himself and got the low down on the situation. Check it out here :

10. Nick Merlino : Switch Ollie

20 stairs is no joke. Being able to say you have ollied El Toro is not a common accomplishment. Nick Merlino is one of the select few to take the set on switch and roll away successful. His is switch ollie in 2018 blew ours and everyone else’s minds.

9. Madars Apse : Firecracker

If you haven’t heard of Madars you must be sleeping under a rock because has continued to innovate the way people see style within the skateboarding community. His ender is Element’s Future Nature video in 2013 where he decided to firecracker down the entire 20 stairs is a perfect example.

8. TJ Rogers : Switch 180

TJ Rogers has been throwing down bangers since I was a kid and this is one of them that I will always remember. When he came out and did that switch front 180 I remember everyone was pissed that he didn’t do something more gnarly. Today that trick is still talked about and he remains one of the only people to roll away from a switch trick at the spot in history.

7. Jamie Foy : Frontside Crooked Grind

Winning skater of the year in 207 and putting out some of the craziest parts the world has seen will definitely get you some recognition. Jamie Foy has gotten more than that over the past few years and continues to deliver mind melting parts filled with the gnarliest of tricks. Proof : His Frontside crooked grind down El Toro in 2018

6. Vincent Milou : Frontside Bluntside

Vincent Milou is one of those talented skaters that doesn’t get the proper recognition he deserves. Over the past 2 years he has come up and delivered some of the most technical tricks with a clean style that can’t go unnoticed. Last year he blessed us with a near perfect nose blunt down the infamous set that earned him a nomination for the 2018 SLS best trick award.

5. Dave Bachinsky : Kickflip

One of two people to ever land a flip trick down El Toro, Dave Bachinsky. He went out in 2006 determined to do something that has never been done and 13 years later it still is down as one of the gnarliest and most respected tricks ever done!

4. Adrien Bulard : Backside Tailslide

Going backside down any set is always a risky move but adiren bulard is apparently so confident that is willing to throw a back tail down El Toro with precision. Serious props dude. Take some serious balls to commit to something like that at that scale.

3. Aaron ‘Jaws’ Hamoki : Kickflip Melon Grab

Aaron Jaws Hamoki is the second and last skater to ever do a flip trick down El Toro. Jaws did this for his Happy Medium part in 2011 riding away with a broken tail and shattering the minds of everyone around the world.

2. Nyjah Houston : Switch Frontside Lipslide

Nyjah really raised the bar on this one. He may skate like a robot and win every contest but skating proves over and over again that he deserves it. This is the only switch trick ever done on the el toro handrails in history!

1. Clive Dixon : Nollie Nose Blunt

He already had the front noseblunt but wanted to one up himself and went out and did the nollie nose blunt. If that’s not insane I don’t know what is! Clive Dixon continues to shock the world time and time again with his crazy bag of tricks and willingness to try any spot.

There are a bunch of tricks that can’t go unnoticed but didn;t make it into the top 10 so we included a list of them for you below! Stoked to see a new generation of skateboarders ripping the new model that comes to fruition in the years to come!

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