That’s Life – Foundation : Playlist #2

Life Without Music : A tribute to the connection between skateboarding and music culture!

Foundation Skateboards is a brand that hasn’t strayed far from skateboarding’s core values and their video That’s Life that was released in 2004 is a true sign of that. This video goes down as one of the most notable skate videos ever made because of the heavy list of skaters that Foundation had on their team at the time. The music is also killer and makes you want to bash your head and skate harder than you ever have before. So, without further ado here is the That’s Life Playlist available in all of its glory! Download it now and share it with the homies!

Here is the full list including the links to the songs that aren’t available to download on streaming services. Below the list is links to download the whole playlist on Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Music :

That’s Life, Foundation Skateboards

1. Intro – Verbal From Robert Pripp by King Crimson

2. Ethan Fowler – People get ready by chambers brothers

3. Justin Strubing – PDA by terror

4. Daniel Shimizu – Damaged goods by gang of four

5. Tony Silva – Product Placement 2 DJ Shadow

6. Friends – Good enough by mud honey

7. Angel Ramirez – Do ya by the move

8. Corey Duffel #1 – Last night by scientists

9. Corey Duffel #2 – Arabian Knights by siouxsie and banshees

10. Leo Romero – Between us and them by Moving Units

11. Mike Rusczyk – Race for the prize by Flaming Lips

12. Gareth Stehr – Can’t feel by hot machines

13. Matt Allen – Alive by Ima Robot

14. Credits #1 – Mosquito Song by Queens of the stoppage

15. Credits #2 – Flowers in the rain by the move

Spotify streaming platform for the That’s Life Playlist from Foundation Skateboard’s